The EMA, a new museum, two themes and an original experience

Activities and visits for adult and senior citizens

The EMA Cultural Mediation Service organises visits adapted to the needs and wishes of the participants. In this context, they organise visits and activities for adults and senior citizens who can:

  • Travel from Prehistoric Times to the present day;
  • Experience sensory and interactive discoveries;
  • Share moments of fun and friendship.

Are you a group leader? We adapt to your needs (foreign language, customised visit, etc.)! Contact our team and we will give you an estimate suited to your needs.


  • Les trésors d’Andenne (The treasures of Andenne) – 2h: Discover the heritage of a wealth long unsuspected, the oldest pieces of which date back over 120,000 years.
  • Culture et sociétés (Culture and societies) – 2h: How do we study cultures that have disappeared? A visit focusing on ethical reflections that looks at the question of our origins and the complex concept of culture.
  • La derle au cœur d’Andenne (Derle at the heart of Andenne) – 1h30: Shaped by Gallo-Roman and mediaeval potters, and then in clay pipe, fine earthenware and porcelain workshops, etc., derle – a type of clay – continues to fascinate ceramists and attract the interest of the people of Andenne.
  • A la recherche de Néandertal (In search of the Neanderthals) – 1h30:The remains uncovered in the Scladina Cave tell us about our past. How did the archaeologists and their teams manage to put the puzzle back together using pieces left behind by our Neanderthal cousin?
  • Visite de l’exposition temporaire (Visit to the temporary exhibition) – 1h: Every year, the EMA hosts a temporary exhibition devoted to either ceramics or prehistory. A one-hour visit with commentary can be scheduled, linked to the current exhibition.
  • Visite 100% Préhistoire (100% Prehistory visit) Subject to estimate: On request and adapted to suit the group, this formula combines a visit to the Prehistory floor of the EMA and a visit to the Scladina Cave Archaeological Centre (seven kilometres from Le Phare, where excavations are still ongoing) for a real journey through Prehistory.


  • Please be sure to book at least two weeks before your visit
  • Conditions: maximum 25 participants per group
  • Price per module: € 90 to € 120
  • Customised estimate and booking for all our activities via
  • Le Phare does not have catering area – The City of Andenne Tourist Office can provide you with a list of local cafés and restaurants


Do you dream of learning ceramic techniques? Come along to our CERAMAX guided workshops on the last Wednesday in the month (from January to April and/or from September to December). Each cycle covers a different technique and a ceramist guides you as you create your own projects.





  • From 6.30 pm to 9.00 pm
  • For adults, from 12 years
  • Maximum 10 participants
  • Between € 110 and € 130/cycle depending on the technique (materials and equipment provided) – 10% reduction when registering for two annual cycles.
  • Two cycles per year (from January to April and then from September to December) – A different technique per cycle.
  • Mandatory registration by e-mail at


Are you a ceramist? Make the most of the kiln installed in the Espace Muséal d’Andenne to fire your creations.


  • € 40/firing
  • € 30/firing as part of collaboration with the museum.